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Who can help not being impressed by the Alpha Dream website? It’s sexy, sensual, and makes the product look like a surefire way to have more success in the relationship department. The problem though is that I couldn’t help wondering if the product was all glitz and no glamour, or if the website was so good that it distracted people from the possibility that Alpha Dream was a scam.

So with those goals in mind, I went on the search for Alpha Dream reviews to see if I could get to the truth – does Alpha Dream work?


Alpha Dream is the product of Paradox-Delta Technologies, who happens to have several patents (pending) on pheromone compounds, and has been serving commercial buyers for over 6 years. One of their differentiators is that they project a much more exotic presence than other pheromone suppliers.

For them, Alpha Dream is a luxury item, crafted with quality materials by industry professionals, and truthfully, it shows. Alpha Dream is comprised of eight pheromones in a 1.2 fl oz bottle that looks like it came from Hollywood Boulevard. It gets over 230 sprays per bottle and works to facilitate attraction in a 10-foot wide radius, in as little as just a few seconds.

 How Alpha Dream Works

Alpha Dream’s proprietary blend contains a mix of Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Alcohol, Vitamin-E Acetate, Androstadienone, androstenone, androstenone, androsterone, epiandrosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate, alpha-androstenol, dehydroisoandrosterone, delivered in a spray to the pulse areas. It has a formula for both men and women, which makes it more specialized than several of its competitors.

The male version is used to attract what they call, “alpha woman,” while the female version is used to attract the “alpha male.” On top of that, they have a very detailed list of mathematical formulas used to vary the blend in order to attract specific types of personalities. This is very interesting scientific research, and I found it to be a very educational read.

Alpha Dream products for Men:


Alpha Dream products for Women:

Alpha Derma Unisex products:

What the Research Says

The first thing to know is that Alpha Dream is backed by a research team that seems dedicated to mastering the art of body chemistry as it relates to seduction. If you look through their product details, you’ll see that they are not afraid to link to other research publications.

They’ve used this research to their advantage to, as they’ve released several different blends that can be used to attract different personality types. Is Alpha Dream a scam, or is it legit?

Here are my findings from the Alpha Dream Review:


  • Looks and smells great
  • Specialized to different sexes and personality types
  • Attractive website
  • On sale with free shipping


  • High price per ounce
  • Lack of reviews
  • Too many formulas


It’s not that Alpha Dream is bad, it’s just that there isn’t yet enough research and Alpha Dream reviews for me to feel comfortable giving it a 5-star review. As a result, I’m going to give it 4/5 stars.

It’s a great looking product, and it has a lot of potential due to the flexibility of the varying blends. It’s also on sale often and comes with free shipping, and due to the size of the bottle, giving it a try won’t cost a lot of money.

Also, pheromones have been proven to work, and with Alpha Dream’s approach to selling their product as a luxury item, they aren’t trying to hide the fact that it’s an expensive, albeit effective, way to meet more men and women. Still, it’s been tough to find Alpha Dream consumer feedback, so I’m not quite sure whether I’m completely sold.

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