Are Penis Extender Results Permanent?

penis extender results

Penis extender devices are gradually gaining great popularity and are showing tremendous results in enhancing the overall size of the penis. After being subjected to various clinical studies, it has been proven that the penis extender device can provide around 2-3 inches of gain in penis size, although, the average gain ranges around 1.5 – 2 inches.

Several large-scale pharmaceutical companies are including the penis extender devices in their product profiles owing to its non-invasive and natural ability to fix penile curvature and enhance the penis size.

How Penis Extenders Really Work

The penis extender device works on the traction principle to initiate the process of cell division and generation of fresh skin-cells to increase the penis length and girth. There are two popular varieties of penis extender devices available, the traditional type that has a silicone tube and the contemporary version that consists of a wide silicone strap.

Both of them have their own specific advantages, however, studies have established the efficaciousness of silicone strap to enhance the blood circulation to the penis and thus result in a quicker and better treatment.

Since the blood flow to the penis plays an important role in the enlargement procedure, it is imperative to maintain good circulation levels at the time of using the penis extender device.

Some silicone tube variants may lead to restricted blood flow to the penis, thus resulting in the discoloration of the penis head. Learn more at

Comfort Straps

The common name for the silicone strap penis extender device is Comfort Strap Extender. Lately, a firm with good credentials in the penis enlargement products industry unveiled its new synergy system penis extender devices that incorporate both the silicone tube and the silicone strap features in one penis extender device.

This new variant is referred to as the Hybrid Support System Extender. It is the only type of penis extender device available in the market that gives its customers the freedom of choice to switch between either of the fixation methods.

So if you’re looking to buy penis extender, it is important that you keep all these points in mind.

How Much Can I Wear For The Best Results

What it’s all about is how you wear it and the time you put in. You can’t go into it haphazardly or half-assed or overzealously. You need to get into it and find a balanced routine that’s going to work for you.

You set up a routine that works for you. However, if you are wearing it for less than an hour per day than I think it’s worthless to be wearing it. I think a healthy amount would be three to four hours a day and a really pro maximum of eight hours a day.

Some guys are putting in nine hours a day and I don’t see a problem with that. As long as you’re taking off every 2 hours for good circulation then you will be ok. Learn how to get maximum penis extender gains.

Different Ways To Use It

Now also understand that the extended or works two different ways, and actually, we can look at this in three different ways. First of all, we’re looking at gains that you’re making actively.

So if we go by the SRT way of training, active training in an extender would be the time you’re putting intensity into it. So I would say three to four hours of intensity a day.

Then I would say passive penis enlargement where he would wear the extender at a lighter tension more passively for when you’re watching television or just getting through the rest of the day. You do that for as long as you can, as much time as you can put in because it’s gonna help you stay extended, which is going to help you heal in that state.

So a smart balance of wearing it with intensity and wearing it with a lesser intensity to enable healing factors works.

Homemade Penis Extender Results

The homemade versions of the penis extenders must be totally avoided while trying to figure out means of penis enlargement. It is almost impossible to replicate the smooth surfaces of the professionally manufactured penis extenders. Even while doing the comfort comparisons, the homemade penis extenders can never match the balance of the professionally manufactured ones.

The results can be devastating if the homemade penis extenders by chance pull a little more towards one side instead of the other. Undoubtedly, the homemade penis extenders are also easy to make and sometimes quite inexpensive too.

You may even lay your hands on several online resources to assist you in building your own. But, there is little information available on what to do when such homemade penis extenders wreck havoc into your sex life.

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