Bathmate Goliath Review


If you are undecided on whether you need to buy the Bathmate Goliath, this post will help clear up some of your unanswered questions. The first thing you need to note is that buying an enlargement pump the right size is the way to go. There’s no point buying a Goliath if your penis is currently small or average.

If you were to buy a bigger sized Goliath, you may find some of the following problems;

  • The pump will never provide you with an adequate seal from the base of your pubic bone area.
  • Because the pump is too big, it will be difficult to get any real suction
  • Of course, you will have wasted money on a pump not adequate for your sized member.

Bathmate Goliath – Statistics

The full size of the Bathmate Goliath is 12″ long, 8.5″ in girth. If you are looking to make a switch to the Goliath, you need to be around 8.5″x6.5″  post workout size. If for any reason you have purchased the Goliath and really should have bought the Hercules, you can simply call the official suppliers, customer service and they will explain to you how to do an exchange.

Problems With the Bathmate Goliath?

BathmateSome guys I have spoken to have had certain problems with the Goliath. Most times it’s not a problem with the enlargement pump, instead, it’s how they use it. One friend of mine bought the Goliath and was using it 3-4 times a day. This is of course way too excessive and his skin started stretching from the baseline of the pump. When you use any pump it’s important to follow the instructions and not to use it excessively. Doing a one 20 minute session daily is more than enough. You may want to cut this down to doing one session every other day.

You must remember, the skin is unable to keep up with this sort of expansion, and it’s important to give yourself some time to heal.  My advice would be to take some days off to let the skin adapt to changes and heal if necessary. Size gain can also occur when you take time off to really let the healing and growth process take place.

The Bathmate Goliath is 30% larger than the Hercules.  If you feel that purchasing a bathmate is either expensive or just not for you, you may want to look for alternatives. I have listed some of the best alternatives that I think you will benefit from. Learn more at

Regular Exercise 

You may know this already, but exercising regularly is an excellent way to reveal hidden size. I say ‘hidden size’, because if you are unshaven and have excess stomach fat, you your manhood may look smaller than usual. Try shaving so that you can get a proper measurement of your member and keep an account of any progress. Stomach and pelvic fat are the main cause of your penis to look smaller than average.

Try exercising using resistance (weight training) and cardiovascular workout. Weight training allows your body’s muscle to work out and eventually tone. Most men with a large penis are either athletic or slim built.

PE (Penis Exercise)

There are many forums and courses that provide an excellent resource for penis enlargement exercise. Jelqing, kegels, and milking are just some of the methods used in exercising the penis. Most of us want to enlarge the penis by way of length and girth. There are men who are looking for ways to maintain an erection or have a healthier ejaculation. PE exercises are a proven way to get the penis to become more healthy.


Controlling your diet is always important. How will you lose body fat if you consume a bad diet? Try eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. Stick to eating lean cuts of meat, for example, fish and consume oatmeal. Avoid eating processed sugary foods that do nothing for your health and more damage to your waistline. Start taking multivitamins daily to get a dose of all the essential vitamins your body needs.

Are you a smoker? That’s a NO NO when it comes to penis size and overall health. Smoking causes your penis to shrink in size! You read this correct, and smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. Isn’t it time you gave up?

Pills & Creams

From experience, they have done nothing for me. I have bought various brands and nothing seems to have worked. Having done my own research, most if not all penis enlargement pills are a mixture of herbal ingredients and aphrodisiacs that may promote more blood flow to the penis, but there is no permanent gain in size, none at all.

Penis Weights & Stretching

If you want to have a healthy penis without any future complications, I would avoid hanging weights off the penis or doing extreme stretching exercise. Not only is this dangerous,  you won’t see any positive results.

Cheaper Pumps

If you have experienced using a cheaper penis pump, you may have noticed some serious side effects. Sores and bruising are very common. You may experience tissue, nerve or damage or burst blood vessels. So that $10 pump may not be that cheap and effective after all?


Speak to any medical practitioner and they will tell you, surgery has risk factors. Penile surgery is not only painful and expensive, it can also lead to side effects such as postoperative infections, permanent damage to the tissue and nerves side effects of anesthesia. If you are seriously considering surgery you need to speak to a medical practitioner and get all the facts before proceeding.

There you have it, my Bathmate alternatives. Some do work but in combination with the Bathmate pump, you will more likely experience even better results. Choose your bathmate alternative wisely or seriously consider one, the choice is yours.


The Bathmate Goliath is one of the best ways to increase the girth and size of your penis.

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