Do Penis Extenders Really Work?


There are probably very few men on this planet who haven’t wished for an extra inch or two where it counts the most at some point. Even though most scientists will tell you that around 90% of men fall under the “average” category in most aspects, including penis length and girth, the truth is that everybody except those lucky few who have been gifted with truly large genitals wish they were larger.
So, what is the reason for this? It’s almost funny when you think about it – almost everybody is average, and yet almost everybody sometimes feels inadequate and thinks about using a penis extender device.

There are numerous reasons for this paradox. The most important motive behind men’s desire to explore penis extenders, enhancers, and other penis enlargement possibilities lies in the importance that sexual ability, prowess, and virility have for most men. After all, one of the main biological imperatives for all living beings is to replicate, and humans are not an exception, no matter how evolved we might think we are.

Penis Extenders Are Proven To Work

On the other hand, for some men, penis extenders are a necessity, since the size of their genitalia is actually keeping them from being able to fully enjoy their sex life, as well as satisfy their partners. In cases like this, a proven penis extender device can really be a lifesaver, since it can help people to turn their life around, start enjoying themselves much more, and have healthy, functional relationships with the opposite sex.

Male penis enhancement products like penis extenders are not just for enlargement. They are especially effective and useful when it comes to straightening a crooked or bent penis shaft. They are even more effective in cases where straightening is the goal, although it might take several months for them to achieve the goal. This can enable users to have a better, more satisfying sexual intercourse than before – and as an added benefit, straightening a crooked penis with the help of a penis extender will usually yield in at least an inch of growth lengthwise. Learn more at

In a majority of cases, using a penis extender device properly and regularly during the required time period will result in between an inch and a half and two inches of increase in penis length. In order to reap the full benefits of your penis extender device, make sure that you use it exactly as suggested by the instructions. Most penis extenders and other penis enhancement devices come with a complimentary penis exercise program, which should be closely followed. The combination of using a penis extender and exercising diligently results in biggest gains.

Results Are Permanent

If you have been using a penis extender device for some time, you have probably already noticed some gains in the length and girth of your penis. A quick and reliable way to check your progress is to compare your size to the national or population averages. There are several studies on penis size available today, but most agree that the original Kinsey Report is the most accurate one. According to Kinsey, the average penis length is a bit over six inches – so if you are in that region, you are definitely doing good. If not, keep at it – you’ll get there eventually

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