Jes Extender Review: What makes It So Popular?

Jes Extender

Men build confidence with a larger penis and if that is the way you’d rather build your confidence, give careful consideration to the product and method chosen for the job. There are different methods of male enhancement on the market and some work as advertised and some do not. Be sure to do your homework first before buying a product or method. Compare the methods and determine for yourself the best method for you. Supplements may contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction.


Jes Extender GoldThe Jes Extender is a male enhancement device that fits around the penis and applies tractional tension to the penis by using the device for 5 to 8 hours per day. The extender can be worn at any time of the day or night, even while going about most of your own business. The extender works in a similar way to building arm and leg muscles. As the muscles are exercises, much like the traction device does for the penis. The workout breaks down and splits the cells and when they recover, they rebuild themselves to be stronger.

Much like overdoing it when building muscles, using the Jes Extender to much can strain your penis and make it sore. That is the only pain that will be felt when using the Jes Extender. Overusing the Jes Extender will not inhibit the results. Inches will still be added to your size, but you will experience some discomfort according to

One other slight side effect that might be experienced is chaffing of the penis skin from the device. This can sometimes occur if the extender is worn for too long a period of time. Aloe lotion applied to the penis will relieve any soreness or burning sensation experienced when chaffing occurs. Remember, to use the extender according to the directions for avoiding soreness and chaffing.

How Does It Work?

Jes Extender is a penis extender that works by putting tension on the penis and basically stretching it out a little at a time until it lengthens. By stretching the penis, the cells stretch, break and multiply as they recover from the tension. The capillaries in the penis also resize themselves, making them capable of carrying more blood through the penis. The result is a harder and more enduring erection for a more pleasurable sexual experience according to

Men who are insecure about the size of their penis can enhance their size without risky surgery or dangerous drugs. The device used to lengthen the penis is comfortable to wear and the growth will be apparent with both length and girth. The extender works in concert with the human body’s natural ability to develop and change under the physical influence when a certain part of the body is exposed to constant and permanent stretching, such as the Jes Extender applies.

Real Results

The Jes Extender is an all natural approach to the penis enlargement. The only device involved is the Jes Extender. There are no supplements or harmful drugs involved and the only side effect is a larger and stronger penis.

There are as many reasons men want to enlarge their penis as there are men who want a larger penis. The reasons do not matter, only that there is a safe and effective way to enlarge a penis. Some men use penis enlargement as part of a fitness routine, while others use the Jes Extender as a confidence builder. Some men use the Jes Extender just to enhance their sexual performance for themselves and their partner. Jes Extender is also effective to cure Peyronie’s disease, which is a curved penis. Even just to take the curve out of a man’s penis will also result in a longer and more girthier penis.

Jes Extender versus Surgery

For men who want a larger penis, there are a variety of methods that can help achieve the goal. The available methods include risky and dangerous surgery, harmful drugs and contraptions and devices. The Jes Extender is a traction device that does not require surgery, harmful medications or painful sessions. The Jes Extender surrounds the penis with comfortable materials that exerts tension on the penis.

The tension pulls the penis and stretches and breaks down the cells. As the cells recover, they are strengthened thru a process that causes the cells to also duplicate, as well as strengthen. The process a program of traction on a regular and consistent basis will help a man enhance the size of his penis.

Jes Extender is the best alternative to risky and dangerous surgery. Using the device is definitely cost effective considering the cost of surgery and will deliver the results over a period of time. Men who use Jes Extender see an average of two to three inches of penis growth in 3 to 4 months time. The extender has to be used on a regular and consistent basis for it to be effective.

With the other methods of penis enlargement available, most men wonder anyone would consider anything but something that is all natural and only takes a few minutes a day rather than risking enlargement surgery. Unless penis enlargement is an immediate desire, most men opt to take the slow and easy way of male enhancement. There is only a twinge of pain if the user overdoes the traction and strains the penis muscles unnecessarily.

Surgery requires preparation time, the surgery itself and then recovery time. That could take a lot longer than it would take to use the Jes Extender and achieve the same results. Keep in mind, male enhancement surgery is not typically covered by health insurance.

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