Male Extra Review: Does It Work?

Male Extra

Male Extra is advertised as a male enhancement pill that increases penile size and enhances the sexual experience overall. The product touts itself as a proven formula that is more potent than any other male enhancement product on the market today. It is created from all natural ingredients and claims to be both safe and effective.

The Male Extra formula contains a propriety blend that includes a highly concentrated dose of pomegranate and other ingredients that work together to produce positive results within a few months.

What is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a natural, herbal supplement with pomegranate as its base. The formula is designed to be taken daily for best results. According to the product website, benefits of Male Extra include:

  • An increase in penile length and girth
  • Harder, longer erections
  • Multiple, more intense orgasms
  • More powerful ejaculation
  • Increased control and stamina
  • A more satisfying sexual experience overall

The formula is created with all natural ingredients that are completely safe and produce no side effects whatsoever. However, due to potential drug interactions, it is always a good idea to consult with a physician before taking any supplement, including Male Extra.

Does It Work?

Male Extra is without a doubt the best penis enlargement product I have ever come across. It is a brand new dual penis enlargement system formulated to provide rock solid, bigger, harder and more intense erections whilst permanently enlarging the penis by up to 3 inches.

It’s the only penis enlargement system of its kind to combine a 1500mg pill of highly potent fresh ingredients (a formula based on clinical and scientific studies) and the hugely popular Penis Health exercise system, a clinically proven method of increasing the size of your erection and penis length and girth.


There are a number of natural ingredients in Male Extra, which are all designed to work together for maximum benefit. According to the product website, the ingredients in Male Extra are:

  • Pomegranate 70% Ellagic
  • L-Arginine
  • Muira Pauma
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Tongkat Ali 20:1 extract
  • Flaxseed
  • Maca
  • L-Methionine
  • Cordyceps
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid
  • Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Zinc

There are a number of effective ingredients in this mix, particularly L-Arginine, which has been proven to maximize blood flow. Pomegranate 70% ellagic is highlighted on the product website because it is one of the most potent doses of pomegranate you can find on the market today. Pomegranate has been shown to work in a similar way to Viagra in assisting with penile dysfunction.


As with any supplement, there are a few drawbacks to the Male Extra formula, including:

The long list of ingredients may affect the effectiveness of some of them. However, the high concentration of pomegranate, as well as the highest quality of ingredients, may counter some of those concerns over too many ingredients in the mix.

The product is rather expensive, although the company does offer a money back guarantee. Men who order in bulk can also receive savings on their purchases.
While the company cites many anecdotal results for the product, specific clinical studies are not cited.

Many men do not see positive results with Male Extra until they have been taking the product for a number of months. This significantly raises the cost you must pay before you see the desired impact. Learn more at

How to Take Male Extra

According to the product website, the recommended daily dose of Male Extra is three pills per day. The amount of the dosage is much higher than many of the competitors, with Male Extra offering 1500 mg. daily and competitors ranging between 500 and 1000 mg. daily. A one-month supply of Male Extra sells on the product website for about $75. There are discounts available for multiple purchases and a 90-day money back guarantee advertised on the website.


Priced from $79.95 (multi-buy discounts and bonuses available), MaleExtra provides more value than any other penis enlargement pill on the market, combining a higher milligram dosage per serving, cheaper price per pill and full disclosure of ingredients via their website (Remember, this is important and you should avoid products that do not disclose their ingredients).

Critics and reviewers alike are notably impressed by the quality and results achieved by MaleExtra coining it the “#1 male enhancement pill of the year” and “The best Male Enhancement product in more than 7 years”.


The company that manufactured these pills is completely genuine and has come up with a real winner. Over the past year, I have received numerous emails from people who have used this pill and the success rate is over 98%, which is without a doubt the best there is in the penis enlargement industry, without surgery.

I am totally confident that this product works very well and I highly recommend it as the #1 penis enlargement product today.

You are also protected by the largest and most secure guarantee of any other penis enlargement product. Simply try Male Extra for 180 days and if you do not see any gains then you can get a 100% refund.

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