Max Attraction Gold Review

Max Attraction Gold

Do you try to find more information like reviews, consumer feedback, complaints about Max Attraction Gold Pheromone? It is not an easy task as the internet is cluttered with “paid” review sites that present fake information to make people believe how good the product is…

Don’t waste your time and money and read our Max Attraction Gold Pheromone research report before wasting your time and money…

Max Attraction Gold Review

Max Attraction GoldMax Attraction Gold is sold by a company called LuvEssentials, who has been in business for over ten years. They are an eBay Power Seller and have even been featured on TV stations like Discovery Health.

Also, if you look through their “pheromones in the news” section, you’ll see that the ingredients they use have been talked about on a variety of news stations and websites, such as CNN and WebMD. The first impression looks ok and the company would not be in business for 10 years if Max Attraction Gold is a scam.

I was happy to tell my friend that yes, Max Attraction Gold reviews were positive and that the thought of a Max Attraction Gold scam was unfounded. Though it’s less expensive than Pherazone, it also costs more per mg, which makes it my second favorite product on the market

How It Works

Max Attraction Gold actually features eight different pheromones in its blend, which is one more than Pherazone has. It also comes in a nice pump spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply to the wrist, neck, and ear areas.

If you are planning a romantic evening there are some key places where you are going to want to spray these sexy pheromones:

  • You can lead your partner right to the bedroom by spraying the way to where you want your lover to go.
  • If you were thinking of making a few stops on your way to the bedroom, spray away in the living room, kitchen, wherever you feel the need.
  • Try different pheromones as you will see that certain pheromones will drive your loved one wild for you.
  • The last place where you want to spray pheromones is on yourself so that as soon as your lover sees you he or she will be all over you.

The last place where you want to spray pheromones is on yourself so that as soon as your lover sees you he or she will be all over you. That is what pheromones can do for your relationship. They can take a relationship that is struggling to survive and reinvent it.


  • It features 8 different pheromone
  • Contains 17 mg of the formula
  • The fragrance is fresh but not intrusive
  • Separate products for men and women
  • The product from LuvEssentials
  • 100% 30 days Money-back Guarantee
  • Separate products for men and women

Consumer Feedback

My concern was not whether Max Attraction Gold was a scam, but whether the use of pheromones could actually help people facilitate the attraction process. In other words, could it help people “hook up?” Beyond that, does Max Attraction Gold have the best value on the market, or is it just a clever ploy to separate people from their money? Learn more at

96% of feedback from a customer who tried the product is positive. Here’s a summary of the Max Attraction Golf user feedback:


  • The higher amount of Pheromone concentration (17mg) than most
  • 8 different pheromone types (no need to the mixture with other Pheromones)
  • Different products for men and women
  • Spray bottle
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Size of the bottle is small
  • More on the expensive side

Overall Result

With these scents, you will drive your partner wild. There are many different types of perfumes and colognes which contain unique pheromones that can drive your partner wild. However, Max Attraction Gold has many raving fans and the company behind the product LuvEssential is in business for 10 years. That says it all.

Using 8 different Pheromone ingredients is innovative and the very high concentration of 17 mg make it one of the top performing products on the market you want to try first when starting out with Pheromones. Highly recommended. Learn more at

Where to buy Max Attraction Gold?

LuvEssential is currently running a 30% special to celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary and you can access the discount here:

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