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Penomet, without doing any additional exercises will produce incredible results and extremely fast. Now if you want even larger results and even faster then you will need to check out the penomet exercises and correct routines.

When referring to exercise this actually means that by using the pump correctly and alternating the strength of the gaiters you are in fact exercising the muscle in the penis. Remember the penis is pretty much just muscle so it makes sense to exercise and it will grow.

It’s the same principle as a bodybuilding trying to increase the size of his biceps. It takes exercise, work, and persistence. As with bodybuilding, the correct strain on a muscle will force it to grow but over strain can cause discomfort or a slowing in your results.

So it’s important to make sure that you use the pump in a repetitive and gradual manner. Below you will find the routine that they recommend and you can see it on their official penomet site, I have also extended it based on my own experiences as well.

Penomet Workout Plan

Penomet Workout PlanThis is a proven plan that if done consistently and correctly you will get permanent and impressive results in both girth and length.

So take a look at the plan/routine below:

In a Single week, you should be using the dick or penis pump for at least 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes per days and this is for 5 days of the week. With 2 days off every week to ensure recovery and growth through tissue repair.

They recommend that you always start with the lowest strength gaiter which is the No 60 Gaiter and then only moving up to the 65 within this first week.

The gaiter number 60 is the purple one and the Gaiter numbered 65 is the blue one. This way its easy to remember which is which when you are up to each new level.

So here we go the plan/routine:

Week 1

For the first 5 days start by using the Gaiter numbered 60 Only. This will allow your penis to adjust to using the pump without causing any strains at all.

Week 2

I personally started using the 60 again for the first day and then I moved up to the 65 for the remainder of the week.

Week 3

I started again using the 60 for the first 3 days and then went back up to the 65. By changing back this allows a slight rest period and creates a shock factor for your penis which will help stimulate growth.

Week 4

I went straight from day 1 using the gaitor numbered 65 and continued using it for the entire week.

Week 5

I did the first day on the 65 and then the remainder of the week on Gaiter number 70. At this point, you will see some great gains. I found the girth gains seem to come first but that’s just me and everybody’s penis will react differently.

Week 6

I went through from day 1 to day 5 using the Gaitor numbered 70.

Week 7

I started the week for the first 2 days on the gaitor numbered 70 and then for the remaining 3 days I jumped up to gaitor number 75. I found that this was a great shock to the penis muscle and could really feel the growth and difference by the end of this week.

Week 8

I went down to the 70 for the entire week to allow my penis some recovery time from the previous weeks intense workout.

Week 9

From here I used the Gaitor 70 for just the 1st day and then moved onto the 75 for the remainder of the week.

Week 10

This is where I used the Gaitor numbered 75 for the entire week and tried to keep it on for the full 30 minutes each day. This was done in preparation for the big workout to come in the following week.

Week 11

I used the 75 for the 1st day and then moved up to the number 80 Gaitor for the rest of the week. I only used the 80 for 15 – 20 minutes in each session per day.

Week 12

This is where I used the 80 for the entire week for 15 – 20 minutes per day per workout. Now after I finished the 12-week routine above I had incredible gains and was able to maintain using the 85 from that point on. The only thing I changed was the time I had it on each session. I increased it to the full 30 minutes every session.


By doing this exercise routine you will maximize your gains by more than 80% rather than just using it from time to time with no schedule at all.

Please Note: As with any type of workout or bodybuilding you need to stay in tune with your body and if you feel discomfort then simply reduce the Gaitor strength until you are comfortable to move up in strength. Learn more at

If you need to extend each of these routines out to a 2 week period each then that is perfectly fine and the gains will still be the same just over a slightly longer period of time.

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