Pherlure Review: Does It Work?


Pherlure was the first pheromone cologne that I tried, and that was way back in 2006. It was such a bad product that I thought all pheromone colognes were bad. I just started using them again within the last few years.

Basically, I think pheromone colognes are great if you don’t use Pherlure. Plenty of guys have used bad pheromone products like me. The trick is to try different brands before deciding against pheromone products. You may find one that really works for you. Learn more at

About Pherlure

Since it’s such as bad product, Pherlure has gained plenty of attention. But this was due to the controversy surrounding the product. But its popularity is decreasing.

There’s plenty of competition in the pheromone cologne space. Pherlure probably won’t live the charmed life for long. Customers are constantly complaining about the product, and Pherlure customer service isn’t handling these complaints very well. It may be time for the company to change its marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, pheromones don’t work for all men. There are different kinds of pheromones and different types of men. Some are compatible with you, and others aren’t. However, Pherlure doesn’t seem to work for anyone. It appears that it doesn’t work for anybody chemistry. I even hated the smell. Personally, I think my bad body odor smells better than Pherlure.

Fake Studies

pherlureI wanted to research Pherlure more and find good things about it. But after doing more research, I hated it even more. Yes, Pherlure continues to overhype its product.

But Pherlure does more than hype up its product. The company is telling lies about it. Yes, pheromone companies add molecules to their products. There are different pheromones that produce various effects. Some trigger sexual attraction, dominance, aggression, vitality, trust or respect. Pheromones are produced naturally by humans, but scientists synthesize them in labs and add them to colognes.

However, the makers of Pherlure created a non-existent pheromone called di-dehydroepiandrosterone. They claimed to have studied this fake pheromone numerous times. It is supposed to increase sexual activity by more than 62 percent.

The company’s fake research compared this non-existent pheromone to a placebo that received just a 3 percent increase in sexual activity. In addition, the fake study was supposedly done at the University of Chicago. However, the study isn’t found in any scientific journals. No evidence exists to prove that di-dehydroepiandrosterone is real. Also, the fake study doesn’t have an author, which lower’s its credibility even more.

There are numerous pheromone colognes on the market.

Why use Pherlure when you don’t have to?

Yes, most companies hype up their products. They all claim to sell the one product that can increase your attractiveness. Most men fall for these claims because they want to believe that they can transform into a sex magnet. But remember, pheromones are not a magic potion. They will only enhance the qualities that you already have. If you’re a butthole with little personality, pheromones can’t completely change you.

The best pheromone colognes should create more ways for you to get attention from the opposite sex. But this means working on your weak points as well. For instance, if you have a bad personality, work on this first. Overall, choose a good pheromone cologne. Don’t settle for Pherlure.

Pros of Pherlure

  • Androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone are the active ingredients
  • The regular price is $99.99
  • The sale price is generally $49.99
  • It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • It has free shipping
  • It is a proprietary product
  • The price is gradually decreasing

Cons of Pherlure

  • The product doesn’t last for some customers
  • Customer service is bad
  • Auto billing every couple of months
  • No proven research about its effectiveness
  • No proven research for its main pheromone
  • Some users hate the scent

In Conclusion

Pherlure has been on the market for many years, but it’s losing ground among its competitors. The makers may have to reassess the future of its product. Newer and better pheromone products are introduced on the market every day. Men want products that make them more attractive to women, but they are choosing products other than Pherlure. Unfortunately, it appears Pherlure will continue to decline if it doesn’t change soon.

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