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The problem of having a small penis is something that can bother anyone. You can see a tall man, and think “lucky him, he can get any girl he wants”, when in fact he is unable to properly satisfy his partner in bed. People have tried to fix this problem for decades with various pills, exercises, and devices. Finally, after years of research and tests, one penis extension device has shown more promise than most others before it.


The ProExtender was developed by a group of Danish surgeons led by one of the most noted penile surgeons of today doctor Jorn Siana. After years of working as a penile surgeon, Siana saw that this type of procedure is both too invasive and painful for the patients. Because of this, he started developing an effective device to help the people with the undersized penises. In 1994, after years of research and tests, he could show his penis extender to the market. Very soon it was accepted by the users and is being used to this very day.

What You Get

This system is actually a whole package which includes the penis extender itself, Vigrx Plus pills for penis enlargement, Semenax semen increaser and a CD containing explained exercises for penis enlargement. It works by offering painless traction of the penis while worn. The device is applied across the entire length of the penis. This causes the expansion of penis tissue cells in an unharmful way.


The ProExtender system for penis extension not only increases the size of the penis by more than 20% in length and 15% in width if worn for a minimum of 6 hours every day for at least one month, it also corrects the shape of the penis (any curvature or bends), increases the volume of the semen a person can ejaculate together with better control of ejaculation and allows for harder and longer erections. It also helps to increase endurance in bed.

All of this is certain to increase a person’s confidence and bring back any lost self-esteem in bed. The partner will also be better satisfied and pleased in bed. On top of that, the ProExtender penis extension system has no side effects. It has been proven safe to use by all otherwise healthy men.
Get your penis larger with ProExtender System.

Stopping the use of ProExtender penis extender after a certain amount of time does not revert your penis to the original size. Instead, it remains at a size and length gained while using this system. This is because the traction force it causes to the penis tissue cells forces the body to naturally fill the void caused by such lengthening. This is a perfectly harmless and noninvasive method, unlike penile surgery.

Medically Endorsed

ProExtender is further recommended by medical organizations to men who want to perform better in bed and who want to satisfy their partner for a longer period of time. Using this penile device is a good way to have more fun in bed than you used to. Learn more at

According to one survey, out of 100 people who used ProExtender, 52 said that it helped a lot, 44 that it helped a little and only 4 claimed that it did not increase the size of their penises.

Another study, which included 30 men of age from 24 to 46 showed that after only two months of using the whole package of ProExtender they had the length of their penises increased by an average of 2.6 cm while it was erect and a little under 2 cm while flaccid.


Another factor that has set ProExtender above most penile extenders is the fact that it is a double padded system. Double padded penis extension systems are the today’s medical standard. They are much more comfortable and safer to use than the earlier single padded systems.

Although a lot of companies still use the single padded system, the double padded system has proven to be much more accepted by the users mainly because it causes very little to no discomfort at all while worn.


Of course, ProExtender cannot increase the length and width of your penis instantaneously. It is not advertised as a magic device for penis enlargement, nor does it aim to be. It can, however, show a significant increase in both length and girth of the penis if used for a certain period of time. This period is usually between four or five hours of everyday use for a period of between twenty and thirty days.

ProExtender is a very good alternative to penile surgery, which is invasive and often painful. It is easy to use, causes no pain or discomfort, approved both by medical experts and users. It is a device that can help you satisfy your partner better and longer than you used to.

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