SizeGenetics In-Depth Review


Have you heard about Size Genetics?


Sizegenetics is a complete penis enlargement system designed to give you the exact penis size that you desire. The Sizegenetics system is a medically proven method of non-surgical penis enlargement. In a world of fake enlargement pills, this is a refreshing change.

The creators claim that the device can increase penis size by up to 3 inches with extended use. Like with many of the modern enlarging devices this one also increase girth at the same time as it is increasing length. A major difference with this system is that on top of the penis traction device you will also get the award-winning penis health exercise package. Combining these 2 systems is a proven method for achieving the penis size you always dreamed of.


Below are the benefits of using the product:

  • Get a longer penis from using Size Genetics
  • Unlike, in the case of most conventional penis lengtheners, the girth of the penis is also improved
  • Men who have curved penises can use Size Genetics to straighten them out
  • A bigger and harder erection
  • Better stamina and libido

Comfort Strap Technology

The extender has another great feature which makes it very effective:  it has a comfort strap. This is a mechanism that allows a person to wear Size Genetics for hours on end without experiencing the least discomfort from using it. The system incorporated is known as a ‘traction control system’, and it ensures that just the required amount of pressure is applied to the penis. Learn more at

In size, the extender is quite a minute thing. It is less than the size of the palm and works on the muscle-building principle. This principle works when a continuous stretching force is exerted to a muscle. The body will react using the automatic responses by producing extra cells to cover up the strained tissue, and this leads to lengthening of the penis. With these extra tissues available in the penile muscles comes the necessity for more blood in order to fill the created spaces, and this leads to a bigger and better erection.

Categorically, Size Genetics has been tested by various medical bodies and has been declared as safe for use. Those who have used the product have affirmed its effectiveness and have not reported any side effects, as compared to the results gotten from traditional penis enlargement pills.

Inside the Size Genetics extender kit, users are expected to find DVDs for personal sexual development, A DVD teaching and enlargement exercises and a travel case.

What To Expect

  • Increased Penis Length By 3-4 Inches
  • Increased Penis Girth By Up To 25%
  • Cure Up To 70% Of Curvatures
  • Stronger And Harder Erections
  • Longer Lasting Erection
  • Increased Stamina
  • Improved Confidence

The package has been designed to provide extra comfort, it uses a unique rubber comfort mechanism. Unlike silicon tube models that tend to cause pain, the SizeGenetics has shown to be much more comfortable. Allowing you to wear it for longer and therefore see better size gains.

Whats Included In The System:

  • SizeGenetics Device – Medical Grade 1
  • Spare Parts
  • PenisHealth Online Access
  • PenisHealth DVD
  • LoveCentria
  • Discreet Travel Case

Shipping: FREE Shipping option, Item is shipped Discreet

Money Back Guarantee: Yes – 180 Day Guarantee

Safe To Use: Yes – It is both medically backed and has passed clinical studies

Should You Buy It?

Sizegenetics is often thought of as the granddaddy of penis extenders. It would definitely receive full marks from us if it wasn’t for the price. Yes, the Sizegenetics extender device is fairly expensive at $350 ($385 if you go for the extended package). While this is on the higher end we really looked at the dollar to value ratio. For that price, you are getting a complete package that is essentially a complete penis enlarging solution. In our eyes it definitely worth the money. Also with free shipping, it sweetens the deal even more.

We or someone we know has tested nearly every single extender on the market and Sizegenetics really comes out on top. If you are looking for an extender that is comfortable and of high quality and that also works then you can stop your search right now. You have found it 🙂 Learn more at To learn more feel free to look around our site or jump over to the official Sizegenetics website for everything you need to know.

How Do I Use The SizeGenetics Discount Code?

In order to use the code, simply go to the order page on the SizeGenetics website. Select the SizeGenetics Full System and then proceed to the next step. You are then presented with a form that asks for your information. Once this has been filled in, at the bottom of the page is a field called “EVoucher”. Enter the discount ECON8, if accepted the price will change before you do submit the order. Imagine being able to walk down the street with confidence knowing that your penis is 3-4 inches bigger. Now with the SizeGenetics Discount, you can get it cheaper for a limited time!

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