What Are The Top Pheromones For Men?

Sexy Pheromones

In this article, I share what many consider the best pheromones for men.


While the top pheromones for men will deal with the human attraction aspect, it is important that you do understand they can be produced in other manners. But what are some of the benefits that can be associated with the top pheromones for men?

  • Women will find you more appealing with regular use.
  • There will be more initial eye contact and conversations that take place with women.
  • Chemistry will be instant between you and those you flirt with.
  • More women will spend their time to get to know you.
  • Tension will be reduced between you and women in your life.

Recent Pheromone Studies

Recent studies have shown that there is some truth to the claims that the top pheromones for men claim that they can produce. When the potency is high enough, it is possible that they can actually trigger a response of interest from a woman.

Studies with mealworms have shown that these pheromones could reflect male immunocompetence. With the right pheromones in place, the mealworms were more likely to choose one partner over another. In fact, females preferred pheromones that were properly balanced for the males, rather than those who had excessive amounts of these pheromones.

It is important that you understand this information when you are considering the top pheromones for men. The reason is that having the right balance in place will determine what kind of results that you will end up having when they are used regularly. As you are considering the top pheromones for men, make sure you keep the following items in mind. They will help you to properly use the pheromones and to get the products that will work best for you. Learn about the results with pheromones.

My Top Pheromones

Pure instinct pheromone could be purchased at Amazon. One bottle of 15 ml would cost around $14 although currently, it is on sale for $6. Readers have commented that they purchased it even for a higher price at other websites. It is the first gender-friendly pheromone, meaning you could give it to your boyfriend as well and see the sparks fly when he uses it on you.

To date, the pure instinct pheromone smells wonderful with a fruity scent. However, people who have tried it claim that it smells differently to everyone because we all have varying body chemistries. What differentiates pheromones from other perfumes is that it sends out signals to the opposite sex and their body reacts by being naturally attracted to the person wearing the pure instinct pheromone according to http://michaelspheros.blogspot.com


One of the most popular and well-known pheromone colognes Pherazone is ultra concentrated and effective for meeting women.  Formulated with 7 unique and powerful pheromones in each bottle, Pherazone can make women more attractive to you, increase your sex, and boost your confidence in no time. While there are literally hundreds of pheromone products to choose from I find myself coming back for more.

It has just the right balance of pheromones and an incredible scent that is unlike any designer cologne I’ve worn.  Unlike cheaper pheromones, Pherazone actually smells really good. Women love the scent and it makes you feel ultra clean and sexy, while still projecting a masculine aura.

Scent of Eros

This is another popular brand sold by Love-Scent.com. Eros is one of the earlier pheromones on the market and has a timeless feel and scent that women will adore. While not as potent and sexy as Pherazone, it still does wonders for attracting women and produces a more mellow aura. Women will feel more comfortable in your presence and it will be easier to get attention. It’s also available for women who want to attract men and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Sold by Leading Edge Health, Nexus is a powerful pheromone cologne that will help you get laid. In fact, it rarely let’s meet down. As long you are comfortable with talking for women, you should have no problem in getting more attention and more women coming on to you.

Here are other types of Pheromone Research

Marilyn Miglin pheromone was based on her research of perfumes in Egypt that are said to be more precious than gold. It is because they knew that it is not just any other perfume, these pheromones are meant to affect human behavior like being attracted to the opposite sex. Thus, she has come up with her own Marilyn Miglin pheromone perfumes that are based on Egyptian recipes for over a thousand years. Learn how pheromones affect humans.


Don’t Miss out. Try pheromones today and start getting results.

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